Terms And Condition

Oakland Smile Dentistry Patient Disclosure Statement

Additional Terms and Conditions

Oakland Smile Dentistry will not terminate this Agreement solely based on my health status. This Agreement is between me and Oakland Smile Dentistry. Oakland Smile Dentistry is solely responsible and liable for any issues arising in connection with the Oakland Smile Dentistry Membership Club, the Member Portal, or the services performed by Oakland Smile Dentistry (collectively referred to as the “Services”). I will look solely to Oakland Smile Dentistry for the resolution of these issues.


Membership clubs are not insurance policies and may not qualify as the minimum essential health benefits required by the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Patients covered by a qualified health plan under the ACA may already have coverage for certain preventive care benefits at no cost. Medical services provided under this Agreement may not be covered by your health insurance. Oakland Smile Dentistry will not bill your insurance for services provided under membership clubs. You may be responsible for any payment for services under this Agreement not covered by your insurance policy, including but not limited to prepayment for future services and payment for access to discounted services. Membership clubs are direct payment arrangements between club members and providers for services and care provided. Patients are encouraged to consult with their health insurance plans before entering into this Agreement.